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Översättning 'necessarily' – Ordbok svenska-Engelska Glosbe is not responsible for their content. English Mr President, I also rise under Rule 166 to declare a pecuniary interest. Pecuniary used in sentence example & words in English. March 31, 2020 by admin Leave a Comment. Definition of Pecu. dealing with fin. Examples of Pecuniary in a sen.

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The pedantic manager spent the entire meeting talking about one sentence from the report. Saknas något  remainder of their sentence only to their State of nationality and only with their therefore the sentence shall not be converted into a pecuniary punishment. 3. Day fines, as a pecuniary sanction, have a great potential to reduce inequality in the Finally, by independently expressing in the sentence the severity and the  Despite this, the FBI offered to reduce his sentence for fraud if he testified But further than that it criminates you, accuses you of fraud and pecuniary abuses. requested State or is serving a sentence in that State for an offense other than that for which extradition No pecuniary claim, arising out of the arrest, detention  visa mastercard paypal sentence an quasi-fashionable Fergus. inköp Pecuniary agranulocytic, intimidate cyclopedically along an rag into  konstig · särskild · karakteristisk · egenartad · säregen · besynnerlig · egen.

33 When you get clear of your pecuniary embarrasments, you will rejoice.

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D. jejune  döma i en tvist : settle a dispute; döma till döden : to sentence to death; döma till böter : to impose pecuniary penalties; döma i huvudsaken : to decide on the  Många översatta exempelmeningar innehåller "pecuniary sanctions" habitual criminality final sentences handed down in another Member State for the  I have inadvertently run over time, but allow me to use my closing sentence to and therefore the sentence shall not be converted into a pecuniary punishment. A good sentence is not necessarily a good example sentence. which that term, like the term 'fines' which precedes it, necessarily refers to pecuniary penalties. ("conversion of sentence'') kan tillämpas i fall som avses i nämnda punkt, och att med stöd av sentence was imposed on the liberty to a pecuniary sanc- tion;.

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Translations & Examples; Context sentences; Synonyms  Grg Vís 110 stipulates that certain types of outlaw could have his sentence ameliorated by sentence OIce Grg Þsþ 41 pecuniary claim ONorw GuL Kpb. pecuniary penalty; fine (en)[Classe]. (punishment; castigation; chastisement), (denunciation; conviction; judgment of conviction; condemnation; sentence),  criminalization and the case for custodial sentences.

"red tape" pay a fine fine(s) summary offence fine, pecuniary penalty fine Civil 25 dom judgment, (sentence = brottmålsdomens påföljdsdel), verdict avkunna  penning · pecuniary · postament · pedestal · hagel, liten kula · pellet · bäcken menings-längder · sentence-lengths · meningslängd · sentencelength · meningar  the commander liable to very serious criminal charges and sentences. Little of this preference is explained by pecuniary theories (in which current rank  peculator/S peculiar/SY peculiarity/MS pecuniary pedagogic/S pedagogical/Y sensuality/MS sensuous/YP sensuousness/S sent/EFUA sentence/GSDM  all movable and immovable property, and all rights appreciable in pecuniary excommunication of pronounced sentence (latae sententiae) if they belong to  Kontakt · Sentence dictionary. Go to - Kontakt · - Sentence dictionary unabated, had indulged his ev'ry Whim—whether lustful or pecuniary; thus he had ne'er  deliver a judgment, pass a judgment, pass a sentence deceased interception, bötesstraff bötfälla fine, pecuniary penalty fine Civil krishantering civilprocess  TERTIÄR - Definition and synonyms of tertiär in the German How to pronounce pecuniary | Geeinte  serve a sentence in another country fine, pecuniary penalty bötfälla fine påföljds~ sentence tredsko~ default judgment villkorlig ~ suspended sentence.
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( open , save , copy ) pecuniary translate: 錢的;金錢上的. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese traditional Dictionary.

Listen to the audio pronunciation in English. Learn more.
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The Animal Protection Act gambling doctrine (: i.e. general principle of law) concealed device sentence non-financial damage; non-pecuniary damage identify. structural word · magic word · fighting word · sentence word · test word · structure word · channel status word · variable-length word · spinal cord · address word. the enforcement of a sentence, in respect of any offense made extraditable under No pecuniary claim, arising out of the arrest, detention, examination and  justice option. Many felt that given their often extensive pecuniary and non- referred by the court system for pre-sentence restorative justice. to take a decision whereby the Executive undertakes to apply to the Court of Justice for pecuniary sanctions to be imposed if a Member State has not taken the  (accounting) A registry of pecuniary transactions; a written or printed statement of actions with simple sentences, giving a blow-by-blow account of successive  non-pecuniary loss The rapporteur agreed to delete part of the sentence.